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New Jersey Center for Laser Dentistry continues growing

In a effort to provide the highest level of care for our patients and to stay in touch we have added some significant new technology to our office. We are now using denticon practice management sytem, XDR digital radiology sensors, Prexion CBCT scanner, E4d Cadcam, and much much more .

We would like to thank our loyal patients and welcome new patients to our practice . We have some new faces here also. Please check the website for new pages coming soon. Stay well and take care of your teeth , your health and live life to the fullest. !

SmileReminders creates huge improvement in our online services

We are now working with Smilereminders to improve your online interactions with our office. You will immediately notice our email and texting services that allow more convenience to tracking, requesting and confirming your appointments.

You can go to www.smiledash.com or click this button that is located on the right hand coloumn of our main website. smiledash button.GIF

The Smile Dash Patient Portal is a free and convenient way for you to access the front desk services of your dental care office  "NJ Laser Dentistry".

-Review and pay your bills online

-Check appointments you have scheduled

-Send secure messaging to our office

-View personal images and documents before and after your appointments

-Change your messaging preferences

-Set personal reminders for yourself


We are excited to team with Smilereminders to improve our online interactions with you- the BEST patients in the world.

Yours in the interest of better dental health,




Dolphins swimming in the Shrewsbury river, dental health uncertain

   A pod of coastal bottlenose dolphins are residing in the Shrewsbury river. You can see them  from land at McLoone's restaurant or anywhere on land between the Sea Bright-Rumson bridge and the Highlands-Sea Bright bridge. The dolphins are healthy and can be seen swimming,splashing and just hanging out having fun.



Photographs taken by Oceanport photographer Kate Bilow


   Coastal dolphins as opposed to offshore dolphins usually travel in pods of ten or less . It is not unusual  for coastal bottlenose dolphins to enter saline rich rivers to enjoy the the abundance of food . The dolphins are eating the Menhaden ( also known by locals as Mossbunker, Pogy, Alewives or Fat-Backs) and are doing well . Currently, the major concerns for the dolphins are human interactions especially fast moving watercraft .

   I was lucky enough to capture some video of the dolphins . Click here to see it . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OYLhmbLygI

   My wife Kate captured some beautiful pictures of the dolphins which can be viewed at her online site www.ExpressionsbyKate.com


Dr. Bilow visits his grandparents in Boca Raton Florida


My grandfather "Poppy" Ludwig Bilow II



My grandmother Elizabeth Bilow


    Sometimes we forget how lucky we are . My grandparents are alive and living in Boca Raton Florida.  They are doing  pretty well and are in their mid-ninetys.

    My grandmother made us polachinta (Hungarian crepe like pancakes), a family tradition and they were delicious. We filled our polachinta with apple sauce and had a great time. My grandmother looks fantastic and is a genuinely a wonderful person.

     My grandfather "Poppy" shared many stories with me about his parents and his businesses. I was fascinated. My great grandfather ( Ludwig Bilow) and great grandmother ( Matilda Bilow) both survived over one hundred years . Poppy told me my great grandfather had a bus company .It started with having one bus built . At that time you had to pick out parts and find someone to build it. Eventually he was able to own many buses and his name is on record with the Port Authority of New York.

    Apparently there is a long line of  entrepreneurs in my family. My grandfather picked  locations, built and designed multiple sights for liquor and other stores throughtout his life. He gave me much insight into his vision of chosing a location , building an appropriate structure,creating and designing this building to be functional as well as impressive for the consumers. He called it the "WOW" factor. You see entrepreneurial activities and consumerism really hasn't changed that much in the last 100 years.

    I am truly fortunate and blessed to have them in my life.


Dr. Bilow and staff travel to Chicago for conference

We are in Chicago learning and sharing ways to  improve our practice by serving our family of patients better. We are meeting with dentists and their staff from around the globe. Last night we enjoyed dinner and conversation with Dr. Yvan Tesolin from Montreal Canada and his 10 staff members. Their interesting challenge in dentistry is that half their patients speak English and the other half French. They also have Italian speaking patients whom can speak either English or French. Most of their staff are trilingual . All of their written office materials have to be duplicated .!



Left: Linda, Lori, Dawn and Meredith at Newark airport ready for our Chicago flight.


We were all glad to arrive in Chicago after a lengthy delay at Newark.


The view from the room at Marriott Suites Rosemont



Bright eyed and ready to learn .



After an intense day of learning we were off to see downtown Chicago .We  joined Dr. Yvan Tesolin's Canadian dental team in a stretch limousine for the ride.








Dr. Bruce Bilow and Dr. Yvan Tesolin


Dr. Yvan Tesolin with his wife Angie and staff


Dr. Bilow and staff take a carriage ride view of downtown.

Some of the sites on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.




Hygienists Meredith and Dawn


Next day in downtown .






Our gracious host and master educator Ed O'Keefe and Bruce Bilow


Angie Tesolin, Dr. Bruce Bilow and Dr. Yvan Tesolin









More Photos and story line to follow.